Next to clean oxygenated air, water is the most important component of all life.

The human body contains five liters of blood, and about 70 percent water, while the 5 liters of blood contain 90 percent water. It is paramount to know how much water we must drink and when to drink to keep the body pure.

Except humanity, every other creature knows the purpose of water. Every member of the animal species drinks the same amount of water, in the same way, all over the world. Animals are not as intelligent as man or so we think,  but they drink the required amount of water and keep good health not needing any medical aid.
On the contrary, modern humans, the "intellectuals" who have the benefit of  many other gifts of consciousness, don't seem to know or care how much water they drink. Humans rely on doctors to enlighten them. Although science has advanced much, it has not been able to adequately address the importance of water to the human body. 
Over time, especially after the industrial civilization and after World War II, people became accustomed to eating foods in contradiction to nature's plan. Equally, people got used to drinking water according to their desires rather than their requirements. Plus, many of the fluids we do drink, coffee, tea, sodas, alcoholic beverages and artificially flavored drinks each contain substances that require extra water for your body to eliminate. Fruit and vegetable juices are free of these unneeded substances and are full of pure, clean water.

The amount of water most people drink is not sufficient to cleanse the internal body, and so the body naturally emits an odor. No amount of perfume or body spray can mask this bodily smell. Many people who can afford to drink unlimited amounts of water hesitate to do so because it is cumbersome as they may have to urinate frequently. Is this reason really worth the imbalance and possible risks one may face in the long run?

So, how will the blood be purified if  the sufficient quantity of water is not provided? It won't and the result will be an imbalanced system that will lead to discomfort. Again, there is no magic pill or medicine that can help a body that is not getting enough water. The solution is to simply provide the body the required amount of water at the right time.


How much water we have to drink every day is a question to most of the people. Some say eight glasses while others say three liters of water is to be consumed daily. 

Doctors opinion is that it should be enough to replenish the water that is expended from our body on a daily basis. People are confused at the conflicting views from different quarters.  

About 2.5 liters of water is eliminated daily from our body in the form of urine, excreta, sweat, digestion etc. Doctors who are well versed with physiology say that 2.5 liters of water is enough to replenish and to maintain the normal level of 70% water in the body for good health. 

If we take natural food, our bodies produce less waste and 2.5 liters of water would be enough to purge it without all the intense bad smells associated with feces, urine, sweat...contd...

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