People sometimes call the human body a machine-the most wonderful one ever built. Of course, the human body is not a machine. But it can be compared to one in many ways. Like a machine, the body is made up of many parts. Each part of the body, like each part of a machine, does special jobs. But all the parts work together and so make the body or the machine run smoothly. Also like a machine, the body needs energy to work. In such a machine as a car, the energy comes from petrol/gas. In the human body, it comes from food, inhaled oxygen and sunshine.

Although the human body can be compared to a machine, it is far more amazing than any machine. It can do things that no machine can do. For example, the body can grow and heal itself. The body starts out as one cell. In time, this tiny cell multiplies into a body consisting of trillions of cells.


Naturopathy, Alternative Medicine, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine hold that, diseases and illnesses are only symptoms of an underlying imbalance. Their main focus is on the big picture: "To restore balance and to help you create such a healthy lifestyle that the imbalance won't occur again."

All these disciplines are based on the realization that the human is born healthy and strong and that humans can stay as such by living in accordance with the laws of nature. Even if born with some hereditary illness, the individual can eliminate it by putting to the best use the natural agents of healing.

Perhaps the most important lesson that Alternative and Holistic Medicine has is the teaching that there is only one disease and that is imbalance.

We are currently living in an epidemic of obesity, and increased occurrences of degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes and cancer like never before. Yet all of these be changed and prevented with a few simple changes in lifestyle and ways of thinking.

At the end of the day, our health is a choice; it is up to us. Every day of our lives, every hour of every day, we can, and do, choose either health or illness. When we choose wisely, nature rewards us with health and happiness. When we persistently choose unwisely, nature, in her infinite wisdom, eventually sets us straight: she makes us sick and hopefully gives us a chance to rest and rethink our choices.

Before we give up and think it's too late, let us re-familiarize ourselves with the way nature, creation, and the creator, intended for life to be. Only when we ensure that our physical health does not hinder our progress, can we achieve our ultimate goal in life - happiness! To reach this target, we should use the body as a means. The desires of the body should never be the end.

If we don’t take care of our bodies, they will not take care of us and eventually degenerate. There are simple established rules and laws for all living creatures to follow that result in internal and external balance. If followed, they cannot only bring vibrant health and harmony, but they can slow the aging process and increase our life spans.

Animals are smarter than we think....they are one with nature and respect it

Most undomesticated creatures lead peaceful, long lives without violating nature's rules. That is why they don’t need hospitals, medicines or medical science to the extent humans do. Animals follow their intuition and know when to eat, what to eat, how to exercise before they eat, how much to eat, how much water to drink, when to drink it, and how to heal their bodies naturally when sick, through fasting.

Humanity too, was healthy and in sync with nature before "modern civilization". Ill-health is now directly proportional to the amount of humanity's negligence of the physical body, the environment, and disregard for all life forms, including its own.

It is NOW time to go back to BASICS so that we can remember how to get back in balance and use our technological advancement to our advantage.

This, in essence, is the whole point and purpose of "The Information Age!"- to utilize our technological advancement and return to balance.


Based on Naturopathy and many Alternative Medicine disciplines, if we consume natural foods appropriately, our excretory organs can release their waste materials regularly.

Dr, Raju Mantena, (Naturopath, India) reminds us that if we eat natural foods before sunset, the time for the excretory process will be quite sufficient. Then the proportion of what is ingested to that, which is eliminated will be 1:1.

However, if we continue to eat 'dead' and processed foods irregularly, till mid night, there is not enough time for excretory action and so 10% of fecal matter will stagnate in the body.

The human cell is like a stove or like a piston in a motorcycle. The energy produced in the cells spreads all over the body continuously meeting the needs of the body. We feel very weak if we delay our food by four, five hours. This means the energy produced in the cells is almost exhausted and the body warns us in the form of weakness to eat food. It sends such natural signals! If we eat food regularly, the cells work continuously and once their lives are over, they give rise to new cells in their place.

Once the engine of a car consumes the fuel, carbon monoxide smoke is released. In the stove, after the wood is burnt, the smoke and charcoal remain as waste material. In the same way, in our cells from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink, after the cells have provided energy, they release waste material in three forms – in either solid, liquid, gaseous states. These three forms, after exiting the cells, join the blood in outward circulation, and reach the excretory organs. The gaseous state of waste material that joins blood goes to lungs and is let out in the lungs, exhaled in the form of carbon dioxide. The liquid state of waste material goes through the blood to the kidneys and skin and is left there. From the kidney it is excreted as urine. Finally, in the same manner, solid waste exits the intestines as stool. This is a constant, everyday chemical reaction in the body.

Waste material produced in the cell through food, air and water should be proportionate to the waste material sent out (1: 1) from the cells. Then only we can claim to be perfectly healthy people. Whoever has such a perfect proportion in the cells will have a healthy exterior also.

Human Milk for Human Babies

The newborn who depends only on breast-feeding has this 1:1 proportion for the simple reason that s/he drinks only when s/he is hungry and stops when the cells ask him/her to stop. Also, s/he urinates and defecates whenever s/he feels the need. So that purity is there in her/his cells. The 8.4 millions of creatures in creation follow the same formula.

Once the body is given solid food, this process of the body changes and follows different rules.

Simply, the waste material produced in our body is based on the food we eat.

The food we eat can be divided into four types.

1. First type of Nutrition  : 100% Natural, Mostly Raw Foods= 100% Waste

Best Body Fuel-Raw Vegetables, Sprouts, Radishes, Olives, Salads, Avocado, Seeds and Nuts etc

If you eat sproutsfresh fruits, raw vegetablesseedsnuts and raw sprouted grains only, the body will release the waste material daily and so the cells will be pure and healthy. The waste material produced by this food is very little. The body doesn’t need much time to complete its excretory process.

Compare natural food to jet fuel for the airplane. The pick up is greater and the smoke produced is less.

Raw and natural food provides the body with important enzymes, bio-available nutrients, more energy and less of waste material. The body will be healthy, and automatically the mind will be sound. This type of food keeps the ailments at bay and body odor away from the body.

2. Second type of Nutrition  :  60% Raw, 40% Cooked=90% Waste

Raw Green Salad on a bed of Cooked Brown Rice & Red Beans

It contains 60% raw vegetables and fruits and 40% cooked whole foods (grains and non-animal protein). These cooked foods do NOT have salt, oil and spices. From this food 90% of waste material is excreted and 10% remains in the body, because the 40% cooked food gives the body more work to eliminate! The waste material formed here is more than in the first type.

This type of food is like the gasoline used for ordinary cars with a pickup of 80%.

Of course there will be NO major problems when one is this type of food, but it is not as pure as the first type because it does NOT have enough raw enzymes and bioavailable nutrients which get destroyed during cooking/heating above 117 degrees. Occasionally one is prone to small disturbances like a cold or fever, but nothing too serious on this type of nutrition.

3. Third type of Nutrition : 100% Cooked, Vegetarian=50% Waste

All Cooked- Vegetables, Beans, Tofu, Lentils etc 

This is totally boiled/cooked food. Salt, oil, and spices are added to only cooked vegetarian food. Spicy pickles and peppers are added also. Fifty percent of this food's waste material stagnates and only 50% is excreted.

Compare this type of food to diesel fuel. It has 50% pick up and 50% smoke.

This food lacks in fresh enzymes and enough minerals and vitamins as heating vegetables and fruit above 117 degrees fahrenheit, destroys all enzymes and destroys some vitamin and mineral content. As a result of the fifty percent stagnated waste in the body, everything that is excreted as sweat, urine and feces, emits bad body and mouth/breath odor. There is uncleanness in the cells that is spread all over, resulting in this putrefying smell. A person on this diet will have some ailments (headaches, irritability, rare colds due to limited minerals and vitamins and other essentials) fairly frequently. They will often feel restless.

4. Fourth type of Nutrition : 100% Cooked/Processed/Meat =30% Waste

Fried, Cooked, Baked, Spicy, Salty, Sweet, Preserved, Processed Foods

Cooked White Rice (processed), salty, spicy meat with almost no vegetables

This is the Standard American Diet (SAD). It is also the standard diet in almost all parts of the world where western civilization has infiltrated and people are eating little or no fresh foods on a daily basis.

This type of food contains: salt, oil, spices, preservatives, lots of meat, pork, little or no vegetables, sodas, liquors etc. 70% of its waste material stagnates in the cells and only 30% is released.

It is like kerosene with less pick up and more smoke. It gives you only smoke, and cannot power a vehicle.

The urine and bowel movements in this type of nutrition emit a very bad smell. The cells live in a polluted atmosphere as a result of the toxins (chemical-laden preservatives) and accumulated remains. The cells die early because they have little sustenance and nutrition. New cells are born in their place in a great number, but what is the use? Most of the energy produced from the food is spent towards birth and death of the cells, not towards other bodily functions.

People who eat this type of food get tired easily. Their major excretory organs (liver, kidneys, skin, lungs) are over-worked while their bones borrow minerals to keep the body balanced. Weak bones are an early sign of the effects of this type of diet.

People on this type of nutrition are likely to be affected by chronic degenerative diseases early in life and are prone to irritation and anger. They can never be balanced or have holistic health. There is no sign of lasting health in their bodies as long as this is the main choice of diet.

Choose Health! Knowledge gives you power to make the right choice!

Do we now understand why food influences our physical health and even mental abilities? Those who consume food that provides more energy and less waste material have healthy bodies and sound minds. The smell that comes out of the cells is based on the accumulated waste material in the cells.

We can now decide for ourselves individually, whether we are healthy or not, depending on the smell that is emitted by our bodies and whether we will do something about it. The choice is ultimately always ours.

You CAN have perfect health within six months if you follow the first or second type of nutrition mentioned above strictly. There is no doubt about it. Hear it from someone who has experienced all the 4 types of nutrition and decided to choose the best fuel for my body for all-rounded health almost 10 years ago. I have never looked back and what I have been able to gain has been priceless! So this is not some idealistic notion that I'm just blogging about. I know and live the benefits on a daily basis. My goal is to inform, inspire, motivate anyone who understands holistic wellness and lifestyle, because it is really, the natural way of being before modern life threw us off balance. It can be done. You can do it!



Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

All foods are not the same; some supply nutritional materials in the proper proportions while others do not. Whereas one food may assist in building a strong healthy body, another can be a source of toxemia, which results in disease. It is not entirely true that "you are what you eat" but there is more truth in this statement than most people realize.

Food plays the major role in determining the health of the body. If you suffer from any disease that is caused by toxic overload and deficiency, you may be sure that incorrect selection of food has been chiefly responsible. If, on the other hand, you possess vibrant health with great strength, endurance and an abundance of energy year-in year-out, you are no doubt one of the few who has endeavored to make a practical application of food science.

What we eat deeply and radically affects the way we think, feel, and behave - it also affects entire life processes of planet Earth. If we observe nature long enough, we will notice that all undomesticated animals do not suffer from degenerative diseases because they eat what they are designed to eat.

The so-called 'Food Pyramid' is corrupted. The human body requires a 75% Alkaline and 25% Acid blood/body fluid balance. This can achieved by a diet that consists of 75% Fresh Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts & Seeds and 25% Protein and Whole Grains. Anything other than this balance only produces discomfort and degenerative diseases in the long-run.

We must learn to obey the laws of nature. We must learn to eat simple, pure, and natural foods, properly prepared and combined. Our bodies in return will cast off all the poisons we have taken in during our lives. The mysteries of the body, the operations of nature, the vital forces working in nature are far beyond what our minds are prepared to understand at present.

Every great physician or scientist who ever lived marveled in awe and ...humility at the wonders of nature. Yes--we are "wonderfully made!"

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