Under the scientific name Brassica oleraceea, cabbage is known since antiquity as both food and a natural cure, especially in its fighting against vitamin C deficiencies or scurvy - the disease caused by lack of vitamin C, manifested in anemia, bleeding gums and tooth loss.

Cabbage can be consumed fresh or preserved (sour cabbage), in both cases with beneficial effects.

Cabbage contains sugars, mineral salts, a hypoglycemic principle, vitamin C and provitamin A, antibiotic principles, mucilage and others.

Cabbage juice, mixed with carrots (for a more acceptable taste) and a few drops of lemon juice, is one of the effective ways to consume it for those who can't stand its taste but still want to benefit from the substances contained.

Cabbage cures

A glass of sauerkraut juice drunk in several rounds daily, between meals, for several weeks, is a good remedy to fight ulcer; besides the usual vitamins, it also contains the factor/vitamin U, with anti-ulcerous properties, which is lost in the process of boiling.

Raw cabbage is active in ulcerative colitis, hemorrhoids and constipation, especially thanks to its mucilage and its substances that contain cellulose.

As a powerful diuretic, cabbage is recommended for edema, kidney stones, cirrhosis and ascites. It is also included in the diet of diabetics. Cabbage may cause indigestion, especially because of some ingredients used in its preparation.

Indications for external conditions

Cabbage is used with good results in the treatment of external conditions such as abscesses or boils. It may also be used as a cataplasm in case of burns, phlebitis, varicose veins and varicose ulcers. In these situations the leaves are used without ribs, rived by pressing with a glass and applied to the affected area.

As compresses, cabbage has a favorable effect on chilblains, bruises and sprains.

Cosmetic use of cabbage

Press cabbage leaves (without their veins ) by rolling a bottle on top of them; then apply the washed leaves as a mask for the night, to reactivate circulation, for cleansing the skin and fight cellulite.