Cucumber is a precious ally for an enviable figure and for the detoxification cures. Discover the qualities of this vegetable next and read about some recipes that will help you to judge the true value.

Cucumber is found all year long, but its season is from April to September.

There are 3 types of cucumbers:

- Traditional cucumber is dumpy and covered with small roughness. Grows in any garden.
- Long Cucumber, Dutch, is straight, has smooth skin and without that bitter taste and is found in any supermarket. The way it's grown keeps it safe from predators and diseases and allows the limitation of treatment products.
- Mini-cucumber is mainly used for picnics, for pickles.

Cucumber is ideal for silhouette

Cucumber has few calories, being one of the vegetables with the lowest number of calories: 10 calories per 100 grams. Contains fibers, minerals and water soluble vitamins hens the nutritional density proves to be very interesting. It is a real plus for a weight loss diet and a general healthy diet.

Cucumber has many vitamins: vitamin B, vitamin C and even a bit of vitamin E. These vitamins are found in abundance in its skin, hence the interest to consume as much cucumber.

Cucumber is rich in water, it provides potassium and some sodium (3mg), giving it drained and diuretic virtues. Cucumber juice taken on an empty stomach has depurative properties.

What should you know about cucumber?

In dermatology, cucumber is considered to have good calming effects, because of the specific organic acids and alpha hydracids. Cucumber is used usually in the form of cataplasm or lotion, to fight red spots, itching and scab.

Today's cucumber is much less bitter. Selection allowed the development of some less bitter species. Therefore we can consume without peeling it and benefit from the minerals, vitamins and the crispy part.

Avoid keeping cucumbers near fruits, especially apples, because they release ethylene, which contributes to increasing the bitterness of the cucumber.

To limit the digestive irritations associated with consumption of fiber in large amounts, it is preferable to eat little cucumbers. These has the least pits and pulp is much unripe. If you want to take out the pits you must cut it along its length and remove the center with a teaspoon.

We can reduce the intake of fiber by complete peeling of the cucumber. You must remember, however, that the skin contains the majority of vitamins and minerals. Do not forget to wash it thoroughly.