Did you know that pH of your body affects every aspect of your heath? pH levels Regulate, effect, and control practically everything in nature, including your body. pH balance of the body can be simply summarized as your internal balance of Acid and Alkaline.

When your body is pH balanced, it is full of vitality. You’ll find that you have increased energy, mental clarity, and you’ll even notice that your skin has regained that healthy glow.

Dr. Robert Young reminds us to think of our bodies as a fish tank. Think of the importance of maintaining the integrity of the internal fluids of the body that we "swim" in daily. The fish in this tank are your cells and organ systems bathed in fluids, which transport food and remove wastes. If the fish get sick, do you treat the fish? You simply change the water!

The internal balance of your pH is VERY important, unfortunately few medical practitioners in western medicine are aware of the major role it plays in causing diseases.

The body will do whatever it takes to keep your pH balanced, whether you provide it alkalizing foods or not. When not getting sufficient alkalizing electrolytes from food, your body will borrow alkalizing minerals from your bones and other organs in order to keep your pH balanced. This shows up in the form of weak bones, arthritis, weakening organs and full-blown degenerative diseases that are affecting so many people too early today.


Eating an alkaline diet is very powerful in making everything else work better. In general, it is important to eat a diet that contains both acidic and alkalizing foods. People vary, but for most, the ideal diet is 75 percent alkalizing and 25 percent acidifying (foods by volume).

Food combining is key to creating an alkaline environment because when you combine properly you reduce putrefaction in the body creating a more alkaline condition. I will touch more on food combining on this blog. More information can be found on my website, under-Nourish Naturally.

Moderate exercise is alkalizing to the body. Excessive exercise (past the point of exhaustion) can create an acidic problem due to lactic acid buildup. People who are acidic usually feel worse from exercise because their detoxification organs are not working properly due to excessive acid in the tissues. Yet without exercise, acid and toxin buildup are likely.

As the saying goes - "every step you take, every breath you take ...".
If your environment is polluted with chemicals, dust, smoke, pet dander, mold, micro-organisms, then much of your energy reserve will go just in detoxifying. Today, even in the forest and near the ocean, the amount of negative ions are much lower than they were only a few decades ago. Also, since we sealed buildings to conserve energy and started making our homes and furnishings with synthetic materials, the number of cases of asthma and chronic fatigue have risen dramatically.

When you purchase supplements you must ask yourself what your goal is and will these supplements actually help alkalize and remove acid from your body. Green drinks are very helpful in filtering out toxins and acidity in the body.

Increase your intake of high Alkaline foods

Have you ever been so upset with someone or something that you get an upset stomach? All negative emotions create an acidic environment. Have you ever heard anyone say you are letting your problems "eat away at you" or "get the best of you"?
Fear is the underlining cause of most disease. It will undermine your life and your health. Fear causes anger. Anger causes hate. Hate will consume you with continual suffering. Love and understanding cleanse and heal the body creating an alkaline environment within you.