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....in many places. Those Maori who use modernized foods, suffer tragically from evidences of disease. Their teeth decay readily and they do not possess the physical structure of the other Maori.

It is also notable that, whereas the Maori who use only native foods are a healthy, carefree people who never seem to have an unhappy moment, the modernized group have become lethargic and sickly. They seem to lack the spirit and enthusiasm which tend to make a happy existence. Mentally, as well as bodily, they have suffered from their inadequate diets.


The urban civilized world of today can obviously produce only a very small percentage of its foods on undepleted soil with its current growing population. We use the same land again and again. When we do this we remove much of the mineral content of the soil with each crop. We may attempt to replace a few of the minerals but do not meet with much success. 

Today's modern world also has to reckon with soil erosion. It is through erosion that the soil loses many of its minerals. The minerals are washed from the soil into the streams and rivers and often find their eventual home at the riverbed or in the ocean. Using the conventional methods agriculture, this erosion cannot be prevented. Rather, it is increased and becomes a greater problem with each  year. Another problem is
the increasing necessity of using insecticides as a protection against insects. Various sprays are also used as a means of protecting the plant against certain diseases. The disease and insect menace is indeed a serious one. Again and again it has been shown that the materials used to poison the insect or ward off plant diseases are poisonous to human life. The are many medical records of deaths which have result from the use of foods sprayed with arsenic, the chief form of insecticide used. Insects seem to prefer the sap of unhealthy plants grown in demineralized soil. Diseases tend develop in the same plants. The spraying problem is essentially a soil problem.

Human health deteriorates in direct proportion to
the degree to which our soils are depleted. In his studies, Dr. Weston Price found that mortality rates for heart disease and pneumonia vary in accordance with the depletion of the soil. The areas which have been settled longest usually possess the poorest soils and the highest mortality rates. Good soil in general followed by better human health and poor soil is followed by deteriorated human health.

The difference in the mineral and vitamin content of foods grown in different soils is by no means slight. As a general rule, sea vegetation contains from 10 to 20 times as many minerals as do land-grown vegetables. The reason again goes back to the soil. The seabed is undepleted. The vegetation which
arises from it is consequently rich in minerals. It is quite possible that land vegetation could be made as valuable as sea vegetation if we could but restore the fertility to the soil. But can we do this? Many prominent scientists claim that they know of no method of doing so.

It is no over-simplification to say that our health comes first from the soil. No matter how many physicians and health professionals we train, and how much curative and preventative medicine they may practice, we cannot attain optimum health until our attention is focused on preventative medicine, and thereby learn to keep and even improve our health. To build  and maintain healthy soil is the real fundamental service. Creative medicine must be founded on growing healthy, NON-GMO, organic foods. We can create real health for our people-only through creating a sound healthy and prosperous organic-based agriculture in America and the world"- Dr. Jonathan Foreman, 'The Land'

It is only by closing our eyes to the evidence that we can insist that it is impossible to restore fertility to the depleted soil. In a matter of  two to five years or slightly longer, any soil can be restored to the fertility it once possessed. This is no idle theory. It is a proven fact. Find out more about restoration of soil minerals.



Today, we refer to ourselves as a 'civilized people' and are proud of our achievements. We point to our skyscrapers, automobiles, airplanes, homes factories cities, etc. as evidence of our more abundant life. This is all well and good. We should be proud of these things. 

However, we must also admit that we have fallen below the scale of ancient people in one respect - we are far more susceptible to disease than they were. Their comparative immunity to diseases which are uncommon in nearly all civilized societies deserves careful attention.

Why is this happening? The answers are found in the malfunctioning bodies resulting from poor nutrition as well as hereditary factors. Perhaps this is as good a place as any to gently remind us of what determines health, and How We Get Sick.


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