Naturopathy, Alternative Medicine, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine hold that, diseases and illnesses are only symptoms of an underlying imbalance. Their main focus is on the big picture: "To restore balance and to help you create such a healthy lifestyle that the imbalance won't occur again."

All these disciplines are based on the realization that man is born healthy and strong and that he can stay as such by living in accordance with the laws of nature. Even if born with some hereditary illness, the individual can eliminate it by putting to the best use the natural agents of healing.

Perhaps the most important lesson that Alternative and Holistic Medicine has, is the teaching that there is only one disease and that is imbalance.

Dr. Robert O. Young, an American Naturopath, Microbiologist and Nutritionist points out that this one sickness and one disease is Acidosis, the over-acidification of the blood and then tissues, all due to an inverted way of living, eating, and thinking.
The "one treatment" is to maintain the alkaline design of the body through an alkaline lifestyle and diet

We are currently living in an epidemic of obesity, and increased occurrences of degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes and cancer like never before. Yet all of these be changed and prevented with a few simple changes in lifestyle and ways of thinking.

At the end of the day, our health is a choice; it is up to us. Every day of our lives, every hour of every day, we can, and do, choose either health or illness. When we choose wisely, nature rewards us with health and happiness. When we persistently choose unwisely, nature, in her infinite wisdom, eventually sets us straight: she makes us sick and hopefully gives us a chance to rest and rethink our choices.

Before we give up and think it's too late, let us re-familiarize ourselves with the way nature, creation, and the Creator, intended for life to be. Only when we ensure that our physical health does not hinder our progress, can we achieve our ultimate goal in life - happiness!

To reach this target, we should use the body as a means. The desires of the body should never be the end. 
If we don’t take care of our bodies, they will not take care of us and eventually degenerate. There are simple established rules and laws for all living creatures to follow that result in internal and external balance. If followed, they can not only bring vibrant health and harmony, but they can slow the aging process and increase our life spans.

Most undomesticated animate creatures lead peaceful, long lives without violating nature's rules. That is why they don’t need hospitals, medicines or medical science to the extent humans do. Animals follow their intuition and know when to sleep, what to eat, how to exercise before they eat, how much to eat, how much water to drink, when to drink it, and how to heal their bodies naturally through fasting.
Humanity, too, was healthy and in sync with nature before modern "modern civilization". Ill health is now directly proportional to the amount of humanity's negligence of the physical body, the environment, and disregard for all life forms, including its own.

It is NOW time to go back to the BASICS so that we can remember how to get back in balance and use technological advancement to our advantage.

This really, is the whole point and purpose of "The Information Age!"- to utilize our technological advancement and return to balance. It is time to choose health; mind, body and spirit!


What we truly need to examine is THE SOURCE of disease. 

If we would only let the toxins out of the body, and then start to take care of ourselves in the simple manner prescribed here, “disease” would be seen for what it really is – a warning sign that our bodies are at threshold and need looking after.  

What disturbs our bloodstream or our inner environment to create diseases?

1. Negative thoughts, negative words, negative actions and emotions impact our bloodstream. Our bodies start to shift when we go into these states. Emotions trigger hormonal changes, disturbing ...contd...


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