"The wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings. Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food"- Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, Greek Philosopher 

Every living organism is destined to eat a particular type of food based on the shape and size of its body to live its full life span. Humanity's true lifespan is 100 years yet this more "intelligent" species on the other hand, has no proper knowledge on how to reach its full potential. Wild animals and sea creatures lead their lives accordingly when not interrupted by human activities. Somehow, we are not clear about how to sustain our lives; whether to eat vegetarian or non-vegetarian foods, cooked or raw foods, or whether to eat during the day, night, or both.

The main purpose of food is that it should contain life-energy, or "life force" which in turn promotes life-energy within us. However, we do not eat such staple foods. Instead, we cook, fry, toast, bake, and add chemicals of various forms to our food. We eat at odd hours, and even worse, we eat more than our bodies can handle, while ignoring the purpose of the food.

Our bodies suffer due to the lack of nutrition we deny them and the abuse we place on them. Poor digestion should be addressed by a proper diet and proper lifestyle choices (not antacids!).Pharmaceutical medicines are a man-made temporary substitute. Only by replacing the wrong food with right food, can this mistreatment end. We can do this by eating foods that are easily digested, giving us more energy, and creating less built-up waste material.

Can a car run with kerosene instead of gasoline? This is what we attempt to do with our bodies with some of the lifestyle choices we chose. If our cars use only unleaded gas that is not available at the nearest gas station, aren’t we going to go as far as we must to get it? When we realize this simple truth regarding an inanimate thing like our car, can’t we take greater care of our most precious possession; our one and only body? When we violate so many rules, how can we expect to have good health? 

Our lives are a waste if we cannot increase our intellect to attain wisdom, which is our ultimate goal. Our lifestyles should reflect the process of attaining wisdom, that of responsible choices.

The fact that many are still unaware and suffer unnecessarily is one of our greatest tragedies and failures as a species. It is never too late to change the norm and move in the right direction - Now!


All foods are not the same; some supply nutritional materials in the proper proportions but others do not. Whereas one food may assist in building a strong healthy body, another can be a source of toxemia which results in disease. It is not entirely true that "you are what you eat" but there is more truth in this statement than most people realize.

Food plays the major role in determining the health of the body. If you suffer from toxic overload and deficiency you may be sure that incorrect selection of food has been chiefly responsible. If, on the other hand, you possess vibrant health with great strength, endurance and an abundance of energy year-in year-out, you are no doubt one of the few who has endeavored to make a practical application of food science.

What we eat deeply and radically affects the way we think, feel, and behave - it also affects entire life processes of planet Earth.
If we observe nature long enough, we will notice that all creatures know exactly what to eat and when to eat it. Undomesticated animals do not suffer from regenerative diseases because they eat what they are designed to eat.

We must learn to obey the laws of nature. We must learn to eat simple, pure, and natural foods, properly prepared and combined. Our bodies in return will cast off all the poisons we have taken in during our lives. The mysteries of the body, the operations of nature, the vital forces working in nature are far beyond what our minds are prepared to understand at present.

Every great physician or scientist who ever lived marveled in awe and 
...humility at the wonders of nature. Yes--we are "wonderfully made!"


When pre-historic man first learned to use fire it is assumed that he quickly applied it to foods in order to render them more palatable, and cooking is still considered valuable for this reason. In addition, it is claimed that by increasing the variety of foods we may eat, the cooking process gives us a wider variety of vitamins and minerals and other elements. Also, cooking supposedly makes foods more digestible and hence more healthful. 

However, with the discovery of fire also came the first wide prevalence of diseases. Had pre-historic man confined the use of fire to technical uses and those of self-protection we would today be a healthy 
species with a bright evolutionary future.

Nature produces COMPLETE products; and as far as vitamins and minerals are concerned, it cannot be improved upon. 

Humans are the only species on the planet who cook their food, so cooking may seem unnatural, but again, we're also the only species that build computers and write our thoughts, some may argue, that's unnatural, too.  Common sense requires us to consider  what we should cook, versus what we shouldn't, what we lose when we cook, versus what we don't. We obviously have to cook beans, potatoes and rice, except these foods should be eaten less than those that don't require cooking. 
Cooking also has to be re-defined as we are fast learning the effect of high temperatures on foods, oils, herbs ..contd...

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