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.... and how heating destroys much of the nutrition we are seeking.

Cooking always changes the chemical composition of foods. It invariably causes the destruction of vitamins and minerals. 
Any change we make in the chemical composition of raw foods must then be destructive rather than constructive. It cannot add to the value of the food; it can only detract from this. 

Some of the elements are more readily destroyed than others. Vitamins A and C are more quickly destroyed by heat. Vitamin D is dissolved out of the food in the first boiling. The components of the Vitamin B complex group are partially or completely destroyed. Appreciable amounts of Riboflavin, one-third of the Panthothenic acid, moderate amounts of Pyridoxine, 72 per cent of the Biotin, 50 per cent of the Inositol, most of the Folic acid, most of the Thiamin and one-third to one-half of the Niacin are lost in the cooking process. 

Of the minerals, PhosphorusIodine and Sulphur are lost first. Of course the loss is not always complete; if the cooking period is of very short duration, only one-fourth to one-half of the elements may be destroyed. Prolonged cooking may cause the loss of most or all of certain elements. The average loss, when the conventional methods of cooking are used, is about 50 per cent of the minerals and vitamins originally present in the food. 
Cooked foods not only provide diminished nutritional content, they can also overwork the endocrine glands as the body keeps demanding more food in order to obtain as much nutrients and enzymes as it needs even though the endocrine glands know that enough calories have been consumed- leading to weight problems and poor health. 

While cooking makes food taste great, heating destroys all important enzymes, the life force in all living plants and human body organs responsible for all body functions, including the brain. There are three classes of enzymes: metabolic enzymes, which 
run our bodies, digestive enzymes, which digest our food, and food 
enzymes from raw foods, which start food digestion. 

The metabolic enzymes in living plants and those found in animals and humans help regulate the metabolic functions of their respective species. Additional enzymes from living foods are not only necessary for perpetual healing and digestion but for life itself. Without enzymes, life is impossible. Also, enzymes protect against premature aging.

Heating vegetables or fruits above 118 degrees Farenheit destroys all enzymes and leaves very minimal nutrition. These enzymes, however, can survive when frozen, and will be active after being thawed out in cold water. Certain starchy vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, increase availability of the antioxidants, Beta Carotene and Lycopene when lightly steamed. Refrigeration leads to loss of certain vitamins like, Vitamin C while microwave heating to thaw veggies is similar to heating/cooking. Always thaw out frozen foods in room temperature water in the sink for as long as you need to.

Cooking versus eating raw is not a black or white issue. We need the right balance. It is well a accepted fact in the alternative medicine and natural, living foods community that a higher intake of Alkaline-forming foods, which ALL happen to be fresh vegetables and fruits, is the quickest way to better health.  Most sources say that it is now well acknowledged by doctors after seeing the rise of cancers and diseases, especially in the Western World, (where you would think, people would be healthy with all the availability of food) that we need to switch to raw foods for optimum health. 

Natural Living and Raw Foodist, David Wolfe points out that Ann Wigmore (who has been called the Founder of the Raw Living Foods Movement) did a study which demonstrated that 83 percent of the food's nutritional value is lost in the process of cooking. That means that 83 percent of the TIME, LABOR, and RESOURCES that went into preparing the meal are also lost by the very act of cooking.

David Wolfe reminds us how embracing a natural, raw-food diet  affects all aspects of human life in the areas agriculture, politics, business, and economics on a global scale! "A 100% raw plant food diet IS the greatest discovery in the history of the world. It is THE path which will lead humanity out of the present chaos, and into a bountiful future. Many are already changing their lives with this new lifestyle change and discovering new human potential in health - mind, body and spirit.", he says. 

Going back to basics, we learn that it is not quantity that assures us health and proper balance of body, mind and spirit, but quality. We may be eating and getting 'full' for years yet receiving no nutrients at all. Deficiency of nutrients and the rise of Acidosis is a result of eating mostly acid-forming foods which leads to ....contd....

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